Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I made this little scene a few days ago and I thought I would show it to you.

I found the little tray at the dollar store and i thought it was really cute. When i got it, it was just the raw wood so i painted it a pretty light blue colour.

The mug was a Christmas one so I painted it purple. It was a challenge to paint the mug because it was all glossy and stuff so it took a lot of paint, paint that was a mix of dark purple and white. I had to keep remixing more paint but it was never exactly the same as the first. Inside the mug you can see a little brown (coffee), that was made be mixing a lot of white glue and a little brown paint.

There isn't really a point to the dominoes, they just looked pretty. To glue them in the right places i used a VERY small bit of hot glue so it wouldn't show when looked at from different angles.

The book page is just a normal book page, nothing special. (I ripped it a bit though)

Then I took a few flowers (from my lent is over post) and arranged them in the corners.

The spoon is just an old spoon. I wanted to position it differently but there was a logo on the end and i wanted to cover it. On the spoon I dripped a bit of the "coffee."

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have done a few paintings lately and I wanted to share them with you. The one above i used a few different "painting" tools. I used a paint brush for the black and blue, a toilet paper roll for the green, the end of a pencil for the yellow and a piece of lego for the purple.

I gave this painting to my friend for her birthday. I hope she likes it! I can't really take credit for this painting because I basically copied it from a painting i saw in the background of the bubblelush's youtube video of her craft room. I just loved it sooo much i had to try it. You can't see in this picture but I glimmer misted the whole thing in iridescent gold.


I bought an embossing gun awhile ago and i just wanted to share with you a little trick.I had this orange brad but it didn't look very good with the project i was using it for so i decided to emboss it.

First i dipped it into an embossing ink pad.

The into some white embossing powder.

*I store my embossing powders in Ziploc containers so i don't have to use a folded piece of paper.

Then heat and repeat (about 3 times)

*You are going to want to hold the brad with tweezers because you will burn your hand if you hold the brad.

Then i stuck it in a Prima flower and was ready to go!