Monday, July 4, 2011

Plastic Wrap Book Mark

For the background of this bookmark i saw a really cool technique on Youtube. Basically you paint the paper with some watered down acrylic paints then, while it's still wet, lay some plastic wrap on it then scrunch it up a little bit so it's not totally flat. Leave it to dry completely, pull off the plastic wrap and you get this really cool affect.
I also stamped some... (i guess you could call them flowers) on it, adding mini rhinestones on the bigger ones.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Art Projects

This year in my art class we made wire sculptures. I made a tree... go figures.

We also made optical illusions. This was the best i could do. It's not much of an optical illusion but it sure messed with my head when i was painting it.

Button bracelet

I made this button bracelet awhile ago. Sorry I'm only getting around to posting it now but now that exams and school are over I have a lot more time. I could say that I would post more but I won't make any promises. I have all these things i want to do this summer, but who knows if i really will. I want to write more... maybe. I want to keep the craft corner clean... doubt it. I want to finish my novel... possibly. I want to windsurf.... probably not. SO who knows what will happen.
How to make:
Thread buttons onto thread... well, that's about it. LOL

More Pom Poms

I had a going away party for a friend the other day. I didn't really do any decorating but i did make these decorative Pom Poms. The kinda remind me of bath scrunchies.
How to make:
Take 4-5 sheets of tissue paper in a stack
Fold the stack in half
accordion fold every 1.5"
Use string to tie it in the middle
Cut ends in a curve
fan out the folds to make a circle
fluff out at the tissue paper by carefully pulling up individual sheets.