Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
 I didn't give any cards this year but I made three for other people.
 This one my brother gave to his girlfriend. I cut out a heart from a piece of cardboard  and covered it in red and pink painted deli paper. 

 I found a heart stamp and very lightly used it on this card so the images aren't very solid. The red heart is cut from a piece of red card stock and covered in glossy accents. I also used some white embroidery floss instead of maybe a ribbon because this card was from my mother to my father so I didn't want to make it too girly even though its already covered in hearts.

 I used a whole bunch of buttons on this card for my father to my mother. It took a really long time to figure out the placement but I think it turned out really cute. For the little banner at the bottom I used one piece of foam adhesive in the middle and then glued it flat on the ends to make it look wavy. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Books and Bracelets

 It's been a while... Sorry but I haven't been doing any crafting. All summer I mostly just read and wrote. Above are all the book marks I made for the books I read over the summer.
 I did make some friendship bracelets though. I've only tried simple patters but you can look up tutorials on YouTube for some very creative ones.
I will be making many more with all the embroidery floss I bought. I got it in a HUGE bag at Walmart.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tangled Headphone Solution

Remember these beads? You would put them on those pegged shapes and iron them. 
My friend pulled out her headphones the other day and I saw she had covered them in these beads. They won't tangle with them on! I asked her how she did it and I thought I'd share it with you.
 This is better if you are one of those people that don't wrap their headphones on the iPod but just toss them in their bag. I do that because i use my iPhone as an iPod and you can't use the phone with headphones wrapped around it. 
 Use small scissors or a knife to cut a slit in the beads.
I found it helps to push a pencil through the bead to open it then push it on the headphones.
For apple headphones you'll need about 150 beads. If you did rainbow colours like me you'll need 21 of each colour.
 Don't worry if you don't like it, they are easy to take off but they won't fall off either. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Year's Art Projects

My gosh... its hard to believe I actually got through my first year of high school. Well... I still have two exams left. Although... in a stunning turn of events I manage to pull a 93% in math class. Not quite sure how that happened.

Above is my project for a hand drawing assignment. (It's my name in sign language)
I really hate pencil drawings but my teacher seemed to like it so that's good. In all honesty I think making that the last project of the year nobody in the class had enough attention to not complain the whole week and a half project. (me included)

Our class had a water color unit a while ago but we only got our projects back now... or found our projects.  I asked my teacher where mine might have gone because i didn't remember taking it home and he insisted he handed them back. Nobody got theirs back! 
I looked around the class room and found the whole classes' projects in a box...
Anyway I got them back and here they are.
 The amount of time i spent looking through mutilated national geographic magazines for something to paint was probably longer than I actually spent painting. Seriously I don't know what is is with people and their inability to rip out their pictures without destroying the whole book.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

 These are the two mother's day cards that I made this year. The top one has a stamped butterfly that is colored with watercolor pencils. I curled the wings a bit when it was still wet so when i attached it to the card just by the body the winds stuck up. I also added some flowers and stamped "mom"
This card i realize now totally looks like an m&m...
Anyway... i cut the bottom of the card with a circle cutter and added this scallop piece of chipboard. I embossed the dots as well as a few layers onto a shiny dark blue m i had. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Harry Potter Wire Sculpter

I made some wire sculpures in art and just got them back today. I've done wire sculpture in the past but then the wire was about three times thinner. MY GOD this was so hard to work with! I made a Golden Snitch from Harry Potter as my main project but finished with a few days left so I made a Harry Potter book. 
 The Snitch was supposed to be life size (much smaller than it turned out) but I'm not to bright and so i started the sphere as big as it would be life size but it just grew and grew... (Looks a bit like a girl with pig tails)
 This picture is kind of blurry but I made swirls to mimic the designs on the actual snitch best I could with the wire. For the wings I tried to make the individual feather like structures but that was driving me nuts and was not working. Instead I used multiple pieces of wire to look like it's moving.
Harry Potter J K Rowling
 The book was made quite quickly as just a sort of side project so it's not so good. I manly like the letters that I painted with nail polish so they would stand out against the black wire of the cover. I used just single wires for the pages to make them look thin.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink Painting

Finally painted this for my bathroom. I've wanted some art in there since we redid it in the summer. I got the idea from a magazine... not sure what magazine though.
Basically just draw on the lines and then use a color on the bottom and add a bit more white to the paint for each layer above.
I'm probably just to lazy to do another coat but i kind of like how the paint isn't completely solid in each block and that its a bit streaky.