Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm back from my little crafting vacation and I'm going to start posting again but I think a little less regularly. I think I'll do like 4 or 5 posts a week. I might do less but I'll be sure to do at least 2. Anyway I'm also coming back from another "real" vacation to Quebec with my French class. I had tons of fun and we went to the Albert Gilles Copper Museum. We got a little tour which was really cool. Albert Gilles made the large copper doors for the Saint Anne Basilica in Quebec City and also did work for Walt Disney. He even made 50 silver pieces telling the story of Christ. Website: http://www.albertgilles-copper-art.com/

We also got to participate in a little workshop where we created our own little copper piece.
It got a little banged up in my suit case :( but I'm still pretty proud of it. it's nothing compared to the amazing things they do at the museum and I really appreciate what they do considering how hard it is.

Basically the process of making what I did was to:
1. take a drawing and lay it on top of the copper sheet
2. take the "pointy" tool and trace the picture
3. remove picture and flip the metal over
4. using the "pointy" tool, draw lines slightly in from the others so create a little gap
5. with the "flat" tool push the most inner shape out to make it 3-D on the front side
(it's really hard to push it out a lot, just saying)
6. With the "really flat" tool, on the front side smooth the metal around the image

¨Repouss√©¨ (metal embossing) is a dying art and so I'm really glade I got to try it out.

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