Monday, April 30, 2012

Harry Potter Wire Sculpter

I made some wire sculpures in art and just got them back today. I've done wire sculpture in the past but then the wire was about three times thinner. MY GOD this was so hard to work with! I made a Golden Snitch from Harry Potter as my main project but finished with a few days left so I made a Harry Potter book. 
 The Snitch was supposed to be life size (much smaller than it turned out) but I'm not to bright and so i started the sphere as big as it would be life size but it just grew and grew... (Looks a bit like a girl with pig tails)
 This picture is kind of blurry but I made swirls to mimic the designs on the actual snitch best I could with the wire. For the wings I tried to make the individual feather like structures but that was driving me nuts and was not working. Instead I used multiple pieces of wire to look like it's moving.
Harry Potter J K Rowling
 The book was made quite quickly as just a sort of side project so it's not so good. I manly like the letters that I painted with nail polish so they would stand out against the black wire of the cover. I used just single wires for the pages to make them look thin.

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  1. The wire book would be really cool if you glued in some thin tissue paper for the pages. I could see it in a gallery!