Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Altered Book Box

I made this "love" Altered book box about a week ago. Sorry I'm only getting around to it now. I really don't have an excuse for not posting it, it wasn't like I was busy or anything. Now that its summer I've just kinda been chillin' out. But all that aside let me show you some of the details.

I made this little enclosure thingy with a loop of paper, ribbon, piece of chipboard, a flower and some rhinestones. It's not like it needs it though, the book stays closed on it's own. It was a soft cover book before but I put chipboard over the cover so it was a bit stronger.

Here is a picture of the inside. The hole was cut with an x-acto knife.

Inside I put a miniature 2 of hearts playing card and a plasticene heart. Sadly I only had green plasticene so I had to paint it. BTW its really hard to paint plasticene.

I'm really bad at cutting out the holes in these altered book boxes so instead of covering the inside with paper I made a concoction of white paint, mod podge and white glue to fill in the unstraight sides. When this concoction dried, it crack. This wasn't an issue though because I thought it gave it a cool look. To enhance the cracks I rubbed some black paint into the cracks.

I put some masking tape around the edge and painted it black. Not really any reasoning behind this I just thought it looked cool.

Now I'm going to show you how I made the flowers on the top of the box.

1st: get some white paper flowers. (one for the leaves and one for the petals)

2nd: You will need some sort of water based paint. I had these paint dabber things.

3rd: put some on a paint pallet or in my case a craft sheet.

4th: I added water to it to make the paint even more watery.

5th: Drip the paint into the center of the flower.

6th: The paint will spread out until you get something like this.

7th: Once dry the flowers will be dark at the tips and lighter in the center.

8th: Layer

9th: Add a gem or rhinestone.

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  1. Love your box - especially the cracked white stuff inside. People work really hard at getting a uniformly cracked surface - and here you got one by accident!
    The box closure and the way you dyed the flowers are very clever.