Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Year's Art Projects

My gosh... its hard to believe I actually got through my first year of high school. Well... I still have two exams left. Although... in a stunning turn of events I manage to pull a 93% in math class. Not quite sure how that happened.

Above is my project for a hand drawing assignment. (It's my name in sign language)
I really hate pencil drawings but my teacher seemed to like it so that's good. In all honesty I think making that the last project of the year nobody in the class had enough attention to not complain the whole week and a half project. (me included)

Our class had a water color unit a while ago but we only got our projects back now... or found our projects.  I asked my teacher where mine might have gone because i didn't remember taking it home and he insisted he handed them back. Nobody got theirs back! 
I looked around the class room and found the whole classes' projects in a box...
Anyway I got them back and here they are.
 The amount of time i spent looking through mutilated national geographic magazines for something to paint was probably longer than I actually spent painting. Seriously I don't know what is is with people and their inability to rip out their pictures without destroying the whole book.

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