Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tangled Headphone Solution

Remember these beads? You would put them on those pegged shapes and iron them. 
My friend pulled out her headphones the other day and I saw she had covered them in these beads. They won't tangle with them on! I asked her how she did it and I thought I'd share it with you.
 This is better if you are one of those people that don't wrap their headphones on the iPod but just toss them in their bag. I do that because i use my iPhone as an iPod and you can't use the phone with headphones wrapped around it. 
 Use small scissors or a knife to cut a slit in the beads.
I found it helps to push a pencil through the bead to open it then push it on the headphones.
For apple headphones you'll need about 150 beads. If you did rainbow colours like me you'll need 21 of each colour.
 Don't worry if you don't like it, they are easy to take off but they won't fall off either. 

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