Monday, April 5, 2010

Lent is Over

For the last 40 days I haven't bought any art supplies. This is because I gave it up for lent. Now that Lent's over I went to Micheal's for a little splurging. I bought some items I probably wouldn't have normally bought, like prima flowers and an expensive paper pack. In Canada the prices on craft supplies are really expensive so i only go shopping with a coupon or with some saved up money. Luckily for me there was a 30% off your entire regular price purchase at Micheal's this weekend.

I bought this bouquet of white roses. They were a great deal because they were $5.99 instead of $10.99. They're just like prima flowers but a ton cheaper. You get 20 flowers for 5 bucks instead of 5 flowers for the same price. The only thing you have to do is pop them off the stem. You can even snip the leaves off to use in projects.

These flowers are really easy to colour. If you have glimmer mist this job's really easy. But I don't have any glimmer mist around where I live. I have come up with a more affordable solution. To make your own "glimmer mist" follow these steps:
- get a spray bottle and fill it with water
- squirt globs of acrylic paint into the spray bottle
- close the bottle and shake
- spray onto paper to test the colour
- if you want more colour repeat step 2
- now spray onto your project
I also got a big bucket of buttons. The problem is the container they came in wasn't able to reseal. I decided to put them in this rain forest cafe glass that I decorated.

I also got 2 ribbons, the island pastel prima tin, and the s.e.i. 8x8 black orchid paper pack.

I don't usually buy the prima tins because they are $12 but since they were 30% off how could you resist? I really love these colours and you get so many flowers. The only problem is that its hard to get them back in the tin.

I also got some felt. This I have started to cut up to use with my alcohol inks. This is a great deal because the felt refills for the inking tool are like ten bucks. This sheet of felt was 50 cents.

I got this big thing of brown acrylic paint because I go through brown paint like there's no tomorrow. Oh and I also picked up some tape runner. After forty days I had like nothing left.

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