Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tag Technique

Here's a really pretty tag I made yesterday. It might look complicated but it's really not.

To make the tag above you will need one colour of distress ink (I used broken china), an applicator tool, a stamp, a tag, a spray bottle filled with plain water.

First cover the tag in a generous amount of ink. It helps to work on a craft sheet.

Spray the tag with water. This will create the cool blotchy look.

In the same colour ink, stamp your image.

By using the same ink colour you will get a tone on tone effect.

I went to put the string back on the tag but the bright white made it stand out to much.

To fix the problem I covered the string in more blue distress ink.

And there you have it, a super simple tag.


  1. This is really pretty - i want to try it myself!

  2. This tag is really nice and your explanation does make it seem simple. I'm thinking I might try this on a card. Thanks, Zenetta (Diane's neighbor from North CA)