Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stamp Storage

Wow already more posts than last year.
I said I would so an extra post today to make up for yesterday so I decided to share this storage tip. I find it really nice to store my clear stamps in old CD cases.
1. they're really easy to put away
2. you can see them really well if you have a bunch of sets
3. I always end up ripping the packages they come in so.... yeah.

Basically you take the CD case and pop out the inside part the holds the CD. then take out the paper. take the sheet that comes with the stamps ans glue it into the case, cut is necessary. You can use both sides of the case because the stamps are so thin. The stamps stick to the plastic case just like they do a block. If you find they aren't sticking anymore then just wash the backs of them and they're good as new. On the edge of the case you can write the name of the stamps for easy use.
You can fit at least four dollar stamps from Micheal's in one case.

I have this lava lamp that used to hold CD's so it's a fun way to store my stamps now that CD are so old school.

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