Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birdhouse Card

Today I stepped on a brad. That sure wasn't fun. It went right into my heel! Good thing I just recently got a tetanus shot ;P
All painful injuries aside I was looking through the Stampin' Up catalogue and saw a birdhouse card. (Sorry there's no picture but it was too small) So I felt inspired to do my own.
It's pretty simple to make the birdhouse, just cut one piece of paper for the base and two strips for the roof. I put a piece of ribbon on the house to cover up a failed attempt at stamping a greeting. The flowers at the bottom were cut from a piece of pattern paper, not the easiest thing to do. Then I added the blue button for a little added embellishment.


  1. yowsa! i once ran down the hall at your grandma's house and caught my heel on a little nail sticking up a the entrance to the back bedroom. Thanks for making me remember that....

  2. Oh - i LOVE the card. Google "put a bird on it".
    I'm not alone!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway - sometimes taking time to cut out something detailed -like those flowers - is really worthwhile and effective. Very pretty.

  3. The secret "leave a comment" word was POORILY. That reminds me of your spelling. It would be the perfect way to write: "she did POORILY in school".