Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Forget To Be Awesome

I had this old jewelry box for a long time but then I redid my room and didn't have a place for it so i painted it. I started painting it a while back but then just put it to the side and never really finished it. Today I though i should finish it so I can get it out of the basement. To make the letters I used these letter stickers that are meant for walls so they come off really easy. Fist I painted the lid white then put on the stickers and painted it black. Then I peeled off the stickers to reveal perfect white letters. DFTBA is acronym for don't forget to be awesome. It's a widely know phrase in the nerdfigher community.

The blue paint I used is basically the same colour as one of the walls in my bedroom so it looks pretty good in my room.

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