Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tree Painting

I think I might have an obsession with trees. This is the second post into the 2011 Project that has involved trees and whenever I find myself painting it usually involves trees in some way or another. I'm not sure if it's because I have some deeper connection to trees or because they are simply squiggles and they're the only thing i paint. But either way, today i bring to you this not so original piece of work. "Not so original" because I was inspired by (basically copied) a You Tuber. I feel bad that I can give them more credit than that but honestly I can't remember what the channel was called or even when i watched the video. All I remember is watching the video and saying, "Hey, I should try that!" So right when I saw the video I painted the background but then stopped because I couldn't remember what was the bottom so I tried to watch the video again but since i didn't really pay attention to who made the video it was no use. Thus the background stayed on my craft table just waiting to be finished until today when I realized... The sun could either be coming up or going down and since I don't know which side is the bottom, it doesn't really matter.

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